What Anarchism Means to Me | Strike-The-Root: A Journal Of Liberty

Anarchism does not pay lip service to diversity. Anarchism is sincere belief in diversity put to the test in practice, and a guarantee that diversity will thrive. If you honestly value diversity, yet believe that it must be administered or doled out by a central authority, you anticipate that the one thing that is most capable of killing diversity, and also has the best incentive to destroy it, will magically act to preserve it. Giving diversity a limited range of acceptable ways in which it can manifest doesn’t honor it any more than protest zones honor the right to free speech; that’s just another way to quarantine the healthy elements of society against restoring the damaged ones.

What Anarchism Means to Me | Strike-The-Root: A Journal Of Liberty.

Elio Motors : FWD Enclosed Tadpole Trike

my story – Elio Motors : Elio Motors.

An Introduction to Sound Money | Liberty Classroom

Like all changes that would improve the American economy and restore American liberties, sound money — money beyond the ability of governments to manipulate and multiply at will — is treated with derision and contempt by the political and media establishments. That should be clue number one of how important and worthwhile it is.

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Emotion About Motion | Eric Peters Autos

The fact that Aunt Ethel fears driving faster than 40 doesn’t mean her grandson can’t handle his car competently at 70 – and ought not to be punished for doing so. Unless he’s actually caused someone else harm by so doing.

As a reformed minarchist conservative, one of the last intellectual obstacles I overcame was coming to accept that any use of force prior to actual harm done is always and necessarily illegitimate – and the proverbial camel’s nose under the tent. What begins as “reasonable” restrictions or prior restraint soon become anything but reasonable. And why? Because if you cannot establish definitively that an actual harm has been done – then you have opened the door to the idea of punishing people for things not actually done. Victimless “crimes.”

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The Last Failed State by Justin O’Connell

“States are merely temporary monuments designed to order our lives, maintaining power for those motivated enough to seek it. But the state needs perpetual maintenance in order to remain relevant, and while the power-hungry cannot divorce from the state, the rest of us who merely wish to lead happy and peaceful lives can. And that is where our power lies. The notion that the state is a con is gaining momentum. It’s a notion that doesn’t need to be backed by guns. It just has to take root in our minds, for it is in mind where all failed states go to die.”

The Last Failed State by Justin O'Connell.