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I have been hosting my sites with this company for over ten years now! I have had as many as ten at once before, but only have about 5 of my own right now. I have more than the basic account, for flexibility, but could run everything I have from the cheapest, most basic package offered. Check the blogroll links to see a few of the dozens of built-in scripts available, and one coded by my Dad in a WYSIWYG editor.
HostForWeb Cloud -When limits are unlimited

These pros are cheap, fast, powerful and reliable.┬áIf you need a place on the web that’s all your own, not managed (controlled, used,) by facebook, etc, then this company is where you want it. I built my first site in early 2002, while taking computer classes in college, and researched this decision well, for a project I intended to (and did) make a little money from. Downtime was not an option, and I’ve never been disappointed. Good customer service and lots of features, including automated installs and upgrades to make things even easier.


The free web hosts out there will put ads on your site, and/or limit your functionality, compared to a full paid web host. Other paid hosts charge more (often twice as much or more) for less than you get dirt cheap with HostForWeb.

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