Angry Birds

I’m an Angry Birds fan from both Android and Chrome, so I was happy to see it finally come to Facebook. Just as I was mastering all the basic levels available and about to get bored with it, they came out with the new tournaments where you compete with your friends for prizes. I have a lot of friends I’ve accumulated from other social games on facebook, so I have some good competition out there, and I’ve won 3 or 4 of the 5 that have finished so far, but not without a lot of trying!

A lot of the demo videos people have posted only show how to get 3 stars, but not how to get 3 stars AND a very high score, in order to beat a bunch of other competitive experts at the game. So, I’ve decided to record my play, and post my highest scores, so other people (not my own friends, hopefully, heh) can find a little better help with their game.

The program I use to record my screen highlights the location of the mouse pointer in the video, making it easier to see where I am aiming from in the game. It is called Debut Video Capture, and its free for personal use, if you want to give it a try. Look out for the bundled shareware, though, and uncheck what you don’t want. Get the editor though, and don’t be surprised if it auto-installs other features later that you request, on-demand.

Facebook Tournament 6 – Jun 25 to Jul 1, 2012 – Finished: 1st
Level: 1 Score: 124,200
Level: 2 Score: 120,770
Level: 3 Score: 93,760
Level: 4 Score: 129,800

Facebook Tournament 7 – Jul 2 to Jul 8, 2012 – Finished: 1st
Level: 1 Score: 132,550
Level: 2 Score: 170,890
Level: 3 Score: 122,470
Level: 4 Score: 119,370

Facebook Tournament 8 – Jul 9 to Jul 15, 2012 – Finished: 1st
Level: 1 Score: 136,150
Level: 2 Score: 113,290
Level: 3 Score: 132,810
Level: 4 Score: 98,080

Facebook Tournament 9 – Jul 16 to Jul 22, 2012 – Finished: 1st
Level: 1 Score: 91,320
Level: 2 Score: 97,160
Level: 3 Score: 161,400
Level: 4 Score: 85,680

Facebook Tournament 10 – Jul 23 to Jul 29, 2012 – Finished: 2nd

Facebook Tournament 11 – Jul 30 to Aug 5, 2012 – Finished: Pending

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